La Casa Azul de la Ribera
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the village

Mambrilla de Castrejón is a village of 157 inhabitants belonging to the province of Burgos, located in the middle of bank of the Duero River, on the route "GR 14" Ruta del Duero. It has beautiful paths to walk in the surroundings, the vineyards, trails and hills are the breath and the joy of those who seek rest in the rural world, the disengagement and the encounter with nature.

The action of the Duero River defines a relief formed by valleys, terraces, mountains and moorland, the surroundings of La Casa Azul gives the hiker great views.

At the house itcan be found written short tour rides, the route of Balcony del Duero is one of them and it is recommended by the Junta de Castilla y León (PRC-BU 81). In the village and the surroundings you can visit: The gothic church and hermitage of "Los Pilones", the fountain "la Ballena", the way to the old wine cellars, way of the Henar…


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Casa Rural de Alquiler Completo para 10-12 personas / nº BU- 412

C/ Reoyo, 12 -  Mambrilla de Castrejón - Burgos

Tlf. 651566691 / 605475640