La Casa Azul de la Ribera
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- Roa de Duero, with the collegiate church Ntra. Sr. de la Asunción (5 km).

- Peñafiel, town declared of artistic and historical interest (17 km).

- Monastery Santa María de Valvuena, in the town of San Bernardo (25 km).

- Aranda de Duero,historical monuments, great restaurants and XV century underground wine cellars (27 km).

- Monastery Santa María de la Vid, located in a beautiful setting (45 km).

- Nature Reserve Hoces del río Riaza, raptor refuge spectacular canyon (48 km).

- Natural Park Hoces del Duratón, beautiful canyon with lots of birds nesting (50 km).

- Peñaranda de Duero, typical castilian villaje with medieval history (52 km).

- Clunia Sulpicio, cities in Roman Hispania with its theater, forum, baths, market… (65 km).

- Narrow pass of "la Yecla", beauty carved by the Mataviejas river in the limestone (67 km).

- Valladolid, discover its squares, churches, museums and "tapas" (70 km).

- Monastery Santo domingo de Silos, one of the greatest works of European medieval art (72 km).

- Palencia, its cathedral known as the "Beautiful Unknown" (74 km).

- Burgos, be sure to visit this city and its beautiful cathedral World Heritage Site (89 km).

- Natural Park Cañón del río Lobos and Templar chapel of St. Bartholomew, a magical enclave (90 km).

- Archaeological site of Atapuerca,, one of the oldest sites in Europe. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (100 km).

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Casa Rural de Alquiler Completo para 10-12 personas / nº BU- 412

C/ Reoyo, 12 -  Mambrilla de Castrejón - Burgos

Tlf. 651566691 / 605475640